Explore Anne Rice’s “Interview With The Vampire” Series In An All-New NFT Experience!


Leading blockchain and entertainment companies Orange Comet and AMC bring Anne Rice’s “Interview With The Vampire”  into web3. The Immortal Universe is pushing forth into the NFT realm via the “Immortal Pass.” Learn more about this unique NFT experience below!


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What Is The Interview With The Vampire NFTs On Orange Comet?

American author Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe is filled with vampires, witches, and supernatural phenomena.  The hit series is bringing its sensual, lustful fantasy experience to web3. Powered by AMC Entertainment and Orange Comet, Anne Rice’s dark vampire fantasy “Interview With The Vampire” brings the dynamic tale of love, betrayal, and revenge to the ‘immortal’ blockchain. This experience is brought to life via the “Immortal Pass”.

The Immortal Pass is a collection of 3,333 NFT passes. These passes are the gateway to the Immortal Universe of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Each pass reveals a ‘living work of art’ – a coffin that opens up during nighttime and closes shut in the day, depending on each holder’s location. These passes are ranked across 3 different rarity levels: Common (70%), Rare (20%), and Legendary (10%). With each Rarity, holders also receive a future Avatar(s) airdropped into their wallet. For example, Legendary Immortal Pass holders will receive three 3 Vampire Avatars, and Rare and Common holders will receive 2 and 1 Vampire Avatars (each) respectively.

Moreover, each pass also grants its holders some amazing perks and experiences. The Immortal Universe experience is a Collect-2-Earn project where holders can earn more if they collect more. Next, holders also gain access to real-world experiences. This includes trips to VIP vampire tours in New Orleans, Dubai, and other key filming locations. Furthermore, autographed Interview with the Vampire collectibles and merch will also be available. The project also guarantees holders a lower Mint Price on Interview with the Vampire NFTs and free airdrops. Holders also gain exclusive Limited Editions of Interview with the Vampire mints. Currently, the Allowlist has closed for new applicants, but you can stay updated with the project on the official Twitter, Discord, and website. The passes will also be available on OpenSea starting December 8th.

About Orange Comet

Orange Comet is a leading web3 entertainment platform driving the digital revolution. The Web3 entertainment and technology company also develops ecosystems around web3 experiences and gaming. Alongside industry-leading creative technologists, Orange Comet has captured the attention of some of the biggest IPs in the world. This allows the company to create cinematic metaverse environments with next-gen gaming experiences. The platform also delivers premium web3 collaborations across iconic brands and superstars. Some of their collections include the likes of Scottie Pippen, The Walking Dead, NFL, Anthony Hopkins, and more.

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